This article was donated to me by a good friend and presumed to be from a magazine called "YM magazine" (Young & Modern magazine, the December issue 1989/90). Unfortunately this magazine was (and is) not available over here, but I bet it must have pleased a lot of young misses like me back then. As for the blank spaces in the pic to the left: Apparently I wasn't the only one highly impressed by Alex's ripped jeans; so was the donator's former cat who decided to rip them even further apart. However..... she managed to retouch the pic and gave Alex his right trouserleg back.

Together with my alltime favorite bassguitarplayer Flea in The Idiot Box

Fell off my chair when I got this article from "Seventeen" magazine (March 1990 issue). Absolutely loved the pic in the middle of course, where Alex looks far from a Hideous Teenage Mutant Freek! The person who disagrees with me on that I will personally accompany to the optician...

This pic is from "HUMO"
a Dutch/Belgian magazine.

With special thanks to the team of VPRO television who did the Onrust in Hollywood interview with Alex.

Teenbeat Magazine 1991

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