Because of my very dark hair you might not suspect I’m Dutch right away. Born on November 19, 1974 in the Netherlands. Die-hard Alex Winter fan, but for nine years also very crazy about and committed to Bas. Blue eyes, freckles on my nose and like you already might have noticed I love to babble. I speak four languages (French, German, English and my own unpronounceable mother language). I emphasize *speak* and hereby humbly apologize for any errors you might detect in my writing. Anyway, writing is better in my case, if you could hear me talk you'd probably laugh your pants off because of my funny accent.


I hereby like to thank a few people that have helped me to make this site for what it is today. Alex himself of course, without whom, there never would have been this fansite in the firstplace. Bas for putting up with me, particularly during the period when this site was still under construction, and Linda Kay for all her help and back-up. Further also: Peter Hearn, Marc, Ilona and Mirte, Chiel, Sandra and Troy, Patrick, Henry, Ryan, Al, Samantha, Sarah, Barry & Merel, Judith, Lydia, Karlyn, Robert & Birgit, Maurice & Gitty.

Matisse, Monet, Manet, and....a Motorcycle!

I'm a lousy storywriter. I guess I'll never never write a good script myself and most likely I can't act either. But I've always loved to paint and draw. At the age of 8 it started with making all kinds of sketches. Encouraged by my dad who’s also always been a good drawer himself, I got my first little painter's easel and brushes at the age of 12. After school I decided to go traveling instead of going to the art academy. At the time I thought I wasn't talented enough to make a good living out of my painting later in life. To the utmost relief of my worried mother who already pictured her eldest daughter sitting flat broke on a rotten, leaky houseboat somewhere in the canals of Amsterdam, definitely not in the sightseeing part of town. Besides I was anxious to go see the world and leave cold and rainy Holland. It turned out that I wasn't my mothers biggest concern after all. Two years later, my younger sister Sandra (miss "April" 1995 and one hell of a cook) joined the navy and sailed the northern hemisphere on a minesweeper. Next to studying and working I have traveled, mostly in Europe and these past years also in the USA. Unfortunately not as much as I initially had planned and hoped to do. Right now I'm back in my small and liberal homecountry, where I recently took up my old passion again, and started taking painting lessons. It's been awhile since I last held a brush between my fingers. Once a week you can find me at the School for Expression, where I attempt to make something beautiful out of oil paint or aquarelle. Sometimes I have a sudden hit of inspiration other nights I'm completely hopeless. When I'm not painting, I'm either touring in the area on my motorcycle (a black Yamaha Maxim from 1986) usually driving together with Bas, reading a good book, or I'm watching films of course.

Okay; I'll shut up now I think I've rambled enough already

January, 2003