"HI ! I'm Alex Winter and welcome to IMPACT video magazine; brought to you by Stuart Shapiro, the creator of Night Flight. Impact is dedicated to the idea that the mainstream media ignores a lot of the most exciting and important themes in our culture. Music, art, politics; IMPACT delivers it all, straight and uncensored. Every issue will feature vicious political satire with Bill Hicks, a look at the international music scene from STOMP TV and a journey into the depraved world of New York nightlife with Michael Musto, celebrated columnist for the Village Voice. In this issue we also have an in-depth interview with Public Enemy, we'll show you the Jane's Addiction Los Angeles homecoming concert, we'll visit one of America's foremost underground painters Robert Williams. We'll take you to Texas to meet the Butthole Surfers, to San Francisco to see the legendary machine performance group Survival Research Lab, plus cartoons, comedy, home videos from hell, and much much more....."

These were Alex's his final words before he gets thrown from a building's rooftop by a G-Man after a struggle during the intro. For a long while this intro was also the ONLY thing I had of IMPACT. In 1992 Bram Van Splunteren and his camera crew from VPRO television (a Dutch cult channel) had an interview with Alex and allowed us over here in the Netherlands, a little preview of IMPACT with this intro. Thanks to this interview I knew of the magazine's existence.

The first issue was directed by Tom and Alex and features the following:
interview with Public Enemy, Jane's Addiction Homecoming Concert, interview with underground painter Robert Williams, Butthole Surfers Short Film, political sketch by Bill Hicks, documentary on House Music, Buzz, Survival Research Labs, Sans Amour, Mundo Musto, outro by Alex

As a painter I loved the interview with Robert Williams. I like his work and over the years I've heard a lot of artists talk about their art, but never one so colourful and vividly as this guy....
Public Enemy ruled the HipHop scene and Housemusic was still in its early underground stadium.

Butthole Surfers
Short Film